Welcome To Calgary Egyptian Association


The ultimate goal of the Calgary Egyptian Association is primarily to promote Egyptian culture and community in Canada…to maximize the potential of the Egyptian community though integration and participation.

Talent Show & Costume Potluck Party

Come and enjoy our first event for the year..... Show-off your singing skills with Karaoke or any other talent you may have at Lakeview Community Association on October...

عندنا أحلام كبيرة للجالية المصرية بكالجري و طموح نكون نموذج الجالية المتميزة اللي باقي الجاليات نفسها تبقي زيها.

.هدفنا كأفراد للجالية المصرية اننا نعرف بعض، نخاف علي بعض، ونساعد بعض

Join us, make a difference